Digital Skills in partnership with Accenture

In partnership with one of our major supporters, Accenture UK, we are able to offer world class support to those who are looking to increase their digital skills – an essential element of any business today.

Their Skills to Succeed efforts in the UK help to address unemployment by providing young people currently not in employment, education or training (NEETs), with support to build skills and secure work.

We work with Accenture to support those who need digital skills to make their business work and the six specific courses are as follows:

Digital Fundamentals

An introduction to the fundamentals of what digital is all about. In this course you will learn how digital has evolved and the impact it has had on individuals and businesses. You will learn about the role it plays in marketing, service, e-commerce, monitoring and insight, and automation and efficiencies. The course also covers how digital is being used to create new business models and how it might impact the future.


Skills you can develop:

       Digital awareness

       Written communication


       Analytical thinking

Social Media

An introduction to how businesses can use social media to reach new audiences, and promote their brand.

The course will help you to build your knowledge, understanding and confidence to develop key digital skills to further your career or start a business.


Skills you can develop:

       Social media awareness

       Knowledge applicable to brand management

       Strategy planning

       Written communication


Digital Marketing

Gain an understanding of the various different digital marketing strategies, or techniques, that are available for businesses to use to target existing and potential customers. In particular, this course covers banner advertising, PPC, SEO and email marketing.

You will learn about the importance of balancing and integrating the different digital marketing strategies that you use.


Skills you can develop:

       Knowledge of multiple marketing techniques

       Awareness of digital marketing success factors


User Experience

Understand what User Experience (UX) is, why it is important and the foundations of UX design. You will learn about the design process, and how to design a good experience using different activities such as user journeys, wireframes and prototypes; what user testing is and why it is an important part of the design; what interaction design and visual design are, and the importance of analysing user data.


Skills you can develop:

       Knowledge of the UX design process

       Understanding of the key elements of information architecture and how to create wireframes

       Awareness of tools to create prototypes and manage content

       Awareness of user testing techniques


An introduction to mobility, its growth and the associated benefits. You will learn about some  key mobility concepts including wearables; mobile design and it’s different development approaches for building mobile apps.

This course also covers the Internet of Things and explains some of the related security risks.


Skills you can develop:

       Awareness of key mobility concepts

       Knowledge of mobile design principles and core development approaches

       Understands the Internet Of Things

       Data security awareness


This course explains what analytics is and why it is important for businesses. The course gives an introduction to the role of web analytics for a successful online business and some analytical techniques. You will also learn about the challenges we face when trying to get the right data in reality, and what Google Analytics is and why it is a useful tool.


Skills you can develop:

       Awareness of why digital analytics makes a business successful

       Understanding of web analytics processes and techniques including segmentation and benchmarking

       Experience creating a web analytics measurement plan

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